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About Andrea

Andrea Diaz has been empowering women and girls with surfing (along with a few boys and men too!) for over 15 years.  Andrea is Costa Rica’s former Women’s surf champion (1999, 2015, 2016) and multi-time International Masters Surf Champion.  Sharing the gift of surfing is her passion. Andrea can introduce you to the basics or refine your technique.  Regardless of your level, Andrea creates a safe, body positive environment where you can learn, explore and open your mind and body to new possibilities!           

A city girl originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, Diaz Coto didn't touch a surfboard until she was 16. A former competitive swimmer, she took to the sport naturally. But in the early 1990s, women were still the minority in the ocean. "Early on, I remember paddling out and having a blonde French dude tell me women shouldn't be in the lineup," she says. "I knew I needed to change the status quo."

Diaz Coto learned to let her surfing do the talking and soon became recognized and respected for her fearless, hard-charging style. After becoming the first woman to grace the cover of Surfos, the most prominent Latin America surf magazine at the time, she was picked up as a Roxy team rider and went on to become Costa Rica's first female surfing national champion.

Now 46 and a single mother of three children, cool fact: Lia her oldest became national champ of her division the same year Andrea became a champ of hers. she coaches rather than competes and is considered one of the top surf educators in the country. "Women have a different teaching style," she says. "We take more time to break down technique and help [surfers] find the sweet spot of a wave."

             -Jen Murphy for Travel & Leisure

Andrea prioritizes surfers’ wellbeing in and out of the water.  She uses top rated equipment. Lessons are kept small with no more than 2 to 3 people per coach.  Small intimate groups keep your time in the water meaningful and focused.

About Andrea : About Me

Get to Know Me

Your Surfing Coach

  • Born in San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Graduated From Costa Rica Academy High School, Ciudad Cariari 1994

  • Residence Playa Negra, Guanacaste

  • Fully Bilingual (English, Spanish)

  • Founder of the 1st all Women operated Surf School at Four Seasons Costa Rica 2020-2022

  • Former Program Manager/Head Coach Safari Surf School Women’s program. 2017-2019

  • Founder, Operations Manager and head coach of Social Enterprise Surf4Youth, under the tutelage of Association CEPIA, NGO that works with at-risk children.  2011- present

  • Former Operations Manager and head surf Instructor Waves Costa Rica: Quiksilver & Roxy-endorsed Surf School, only one in Central America, first one in Latin America.(2004-2015) 

  • Women's Retreat Program Manager at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo.(2015-present)

  • Former Functional Trainer at Wise Training Studio Tamarindo.(2015-2017)

  • Coordinates and runs all surf lessons for 10+ years for Evolve Tours Teen Travel, Canada.

  • Surf coach to 4 national Champs: Lupe Gallucio 2005, Francisco Coronado 2016-2017, Lia Diaz 2016, Emily Gussoni, 2017

  • Founder and head coach for Educarte private school surf program. First school in CR that included surfing as part of their educational curriculum. 2017

  • Founder of CGS (Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf ) 2013, Guanacaste province-wide surf tournament

  • More than 18 years experience as a Guide and Surf Guide in CR.  

  • Certified Courses with INA: Legislación Laboral y turística, Ética del Turismo, Manejo de Crisis, Legislación Ambiental 2007

About Andrea : About


  • A Holistic Approach to coaching surfing, ISA (international surfing Assoc) Costa Rican Olympics Committee, August 2021

  • CPR Certification, Vital Training CR, December 2020

  • Ocean Warrior Course 2018, Breath Hold Training Course

  • Life Guard Certification 2014/2016/2018 ISL/ A. N. Guardavidas de Costa Rica

  • Water Safety Certification, ISL/ILS Surf and SUP instructor Aquatic Rescue and safety Course, ISA,2010-2014-2018

  • Level 2 Surf Coach 2014 ISA (International Surfing Association/Surfing Australia)

  • Certified Personal Trainer 2004 by Arenas Trek Gym

  • Level 1 Surf Instructor 2002 by the International Surfing Association/Surfing Australia

  • Participation Award Red Bull Surf Clinic 2002

About Andrea : About Me


Take it to the Limit

  • Roxy Team Rider for 10 years 2000/2010

  • Member of Costa Rica Surf team for 1999/2012

  • Won the “Youth Project” in the Costa Rican Surfing Awards 2013 & 2016

  • 1st woman on the cover of Surfos Surf Magazine.

  • 5th in the World 2012 & 2013 ISA Masters World Surfing Games Nicaragua 2012/El Salvador 2013

  • 5th Pan Am Champ Margarita Island 2002

  • Costa Rica Surf Champ 1999

  • Costa Rica’s undefeated Master National Champ 2011 and 2015

  • Traveled to Hawaii for premier Issue of: Surflife for Women 2003

  • Traveled the Caribbean with Roxy’s team for photo shoot and magazine articles  2003

  • Many more…

National Surf Champion
About Andrea : About Me

A Photo Journey of some of the most epic Surf Life moments


The Day We won Copper Medal in The Masters World Surfing Games

Poster for Roxy

Lisa Anderson Roxy's Champ Camp

About Andrea : News & Updates
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Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 21.15.32.png

National TV Campaign for Suzuki Costa Rica

Four Seasons Costa Rica marketing promotion

LOVE Designs bikini Campaign add

About Andrea : News & Updates

Event with World Champ Sofia Mulanovich

Costa Rica Surfing Awards

Costa Rica Surfing Awards

About Andrea : News & Updates

Quiksilver's Latin Guns Surf Video

Full Page Ad in Surfing Girl Mag (USA) for Velvet Sunglasses

Full Page Ad in Surfing Girl Mag(USA) for Local Motion Surf Boards

About Andrea : News & Updates

Lia (my Daughter) Making headlines

Undefeated CR Masters National Champ x2

The Day Lia & I became National Champs on the Same year

About Andrea : News & Updates

The Day I got Certified as a LifeGuard for the 4th time

ISA Surf Coach Certification level II with Jamo Borthwick from Australia

2021High Performance Symposium organized by Olympic Committee for Costa Rica's Top 15 Coaches

About Andrea : News & Updates
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